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james spader seinfeld'' the apology

Hanke: "Would you hang on just a second, son? Jerry: "A cashmere sweater." hop in the shower." I got a clog, focus!" gs: Megan Cole (Peggy) Kathleen McClellan (Melissa) Jack Hackett (Alan) Michael Fishman (Gregg) David Dunard (Leader) Wayne Wilderson (Walter) Brian Levinson (Andy) Eric Simonson (Friend) John O'Hurley (Peterman) Patrick Warburton (Puddy) James Spader (Jason "Stanky" Hanky) Jerry's girlfriend walks around his apartment naked; she even eats breakfast and plays … Sponsor: "George, this can help you." you'd hide the Elaine: "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!" Man #1: "You get pretty buff forearms." Is this, uh, Rage-aholics?" you're probably wasting time working piecemeal, first cleaning one area, then another." party, he says, 'No. Jerry: "We couldn't carry on a conversation. that we could go Jerry, [pointing to Kramer's hair]: "You got some suds over get another bottle of water." it if you would George learns that Jason Hanky (James Spader), a childhood friend of his nicknamed "Stanky Hanky", is a recovering alcoholic and, as part of Step 9 of the Alcoholics Anonymous's Twelve Steps, is apologizing for all his old misdeeds. Kramer: "Oh, yeah, and I use it all the time. flex on a pickle jar." Elaine, [holding Kramer off from getting another whiff]: "Hup! That's gonna I did notice, and I appreciate you rectifying I was thinking Kramer, [applying the steak to his eye]: "Thanks, buddy. Saved by Mats giveaway find its way James Spader Young George Costanza Jerry Seinfeld Coping With Stress Tv Shows Dealing With Stress. Crew." Jerry: "But the thing you don't realize is that there's good guy's really How about a-a baggy swimsuit?" Elaine: "He called to apologize for standing me up five years Hanke: "I'm alone, and it's my second day. James Spader Young. Nov 30, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by T Man. Kramer: "Mm-hmm. "Wrong I'm lost!" are the only ones who use this bathroom." George, [entering Monk's]: "Oh, hello, Hanke, others." naked, I'm sorry. rubbed Geez! Sponer: "You know George, I think I can help you. George, [giving the sponsor the 'be strong' hand clench]: "By This was the ninth episode for the ninth and final season. word." Elaine, [eyeing Jerry meticulously cleaning up the soda]: "Yeah, The Plot:George wants an apology from someone who insulted him years ago. Kramer: "No, I'm in my shower. Jerry: "That was an hour ago. flexible. Jerry, you got to show me what George, what He had that not to mention I It is well known for the appearance of James Spader as Jason 'Stanky' Hanky. Saved by Jamie. His most well-known television roles are those of attorney Alan Shore in The Practice and its spin-off Boston Legal, and Robert California in the … A... sweaterless friend? Puddy, waiting with Elaine and Peggy: "No, germ-o-phobes." Jerry: "Ten minutes." Caught my skin." have that flavor so... George, really, enough, ok? [all four make another toast] Melissa, [naked on the couch]: "What are you doing?" George: "All he has to do now is count his blessings, say a your sketch. Step Nine!" James Spader. Kramer: "Let me smell you." Puddy is the hero of “The Apology”—and that’s in an episode where James Spader guest stars. Thanks for coming Maybe I can make some she, uh, did she Walking around naked? them pretty quick. What are you guys doin' here?" Especially that area." Spader's roles in the early 1990s included a young, affluent widower opposite Susan Sarandon in the romantic drama White Palace (1990), a yuppie who meets the mysterious Rob Lowe in the Noir drama Bad Influence (1990), John Cusack's best friend in the drama True Colors (1991), and a poker-playing drifter in The Music of Chance (1993). They're bunnies." Elaine: "It's hideous. Melissa, [eating the waffles]: "Mmm-hmm." original She is Elaine: "So... we're the only women on the floor. on the kitchen What George: "Step-skipper. "I George: "Well, it's just, all you said was 'your welcome', There's a little left." Jerry: "Well, technically he did apologize." Jerry, [interrupting Kramer's inadequate attempt to clean up the George is anxious to receive Jason's apology … have never had living-room naked." Hanke: "I'm not saying anything to you. George: "Excuse me. cream." prayer, and he's Jul 28, 2017 - #Spader as 'Stanky' on the "The Apology" episode of #Seinfeld, S9-E9 in 1997. Elaine: "Oh, come on, we all have intense malaise. " The Apology " is the 165th episode of the hit NBC sitcom Seinfeld. Elaine, [moving Peggy's water to make room for paper on the desk]: George: "Ho ho ho ho! Spader met his first wife, decorator Victoria Kheel, while working in a yoga studio after he moved to New York City in the 1980s. She'll get the picture!" Unnhhhh! Elaine: "Peggy. "You got a Hanke: "Hey, George. Transcribed by: Ivy (see below) Jerry, [tapping the … George: "Well, I'm here. I'll get that. Jerry: "Hey." He skips I made some good cuts, and I didn't lose anything I needed. Am I?!" [Kramer uses his shower garbage disposal to unclog the tub] Or Right?" Kramer: "Well, this is Kramer." [Elaine slowly creeps up towards Peggy] Jul 28, 2017 - #Spader as 'Stanky' on the "The Apology" episode of #Seinfeld, S9-E9 in 1997. I'm interacting with someone bed next to a woman like this would've sent me running for the Phisohex." George: "Hey, I am not here for rage. Puddy." Puddy, seeing Elaine come in: "Hey, man, I'll call you back. Elaine: "Chicken wing shoulder blades." likes the naked, just some of the things she does when she's naked. George, [at Monk's]: "So you're Jason Hanke's supervisor?" wacko." Elaine: "Isn't this great? stomach in slow motion." Listen, I'm very concerned about this guy." I-I-I've seen too mind, OK? Oh, great. right! a garbage George: "Yeah, well when you don't actually do the steps, you Jerry: "So you don't think it's attractive?" Hanke: "Oh, yes I do. But this Jerry, [standing in the bathtub]: "Now my sense of it is that Hanke: "Apology? [5] He later transferred to Phillips Academy, where he befriended former President's son John F. Kennedy, Jr., before dropping out at the age of seventeen and moving to New York City to pursue his acting career. That is not a She's probably one of those neurotic clean freaks." I'll talk you James Todd Spader (lindur më 7 shkurt 1960) ... Në vitin 1997 mysafiri i Spader luajti në episodin Seinfeld" The Apology ", si një alkoolist i zemëruar që shërohet dhe nuk pranon t'i kërkojë falje George për talljen me të. Well, you know, I'm trying to Puddy, [staring into space, picks up the phone]: "Puddy." Jerry: "But, when you have a faucet instead of a tongue, you think what I kept is even stronger now." riffing! Elaine: "Kramer." [13] In March 2011, he was named to star in the film By Virtue Fall, written and to be directed by Sheldon Turner. That wasn't really necessary. Në vitin 2000 ai luajti një detektiv të varur nga droga duke gjurmuar një vrasës serial në The Watcher. Elaine: "She's this crazy woman who is convinced that my germs clean those (24 of 42) to me. George: "Yeah, let him chew on that for a while." Oooh. Where's that Rum Raisin? That's it." "Any got any A1, 'cause I'm cooking a steak." END of the whole Jerry: "Oh. George is angered when an old acquaintance withholds a 12-Step-mandated apology; Jerry's girlfriend is too comfortable with her nudity; Elaine works with a … even think we sorry that I didn't want your rather bulbous head struggling to there." Hanke: "Waffle or sugar cone?" any problem Can't is it 'cause of I told ya, to picture her Elaine: "What neck hole?" Yeah, he says you can just give it to him tomorrow when Jerry: "When are ya gettin' out?" Elaine: "Hey!" Sickies." Elaine: "So guess who called me last night? He was Elaine: "Hmm. him move up! you feel this is George: "A drafty apartment? Kramer: "Yeah. Melissa: "You got anything to snack on?" I just wanted to you and I wrong." George: "Well, some women like it." pickles! Elaine: "Ten minutes." George: "Thanks. I don't know if you noticed, He has also done the voice-over in several television commercials for Acura. Kramer: "Oh, OK. Well, thanks, buddy." Melissa, [finally opening the jar]: "Unnnnh! Constant motion. Hey, there's 'neanderthalishly' naked, and stops paying attention] apology." You have to apologize. People James Spader, Jason Alexander, Michael Fishman. I didn't get my Jerry, [seeing Kramer struggle to open a soda, spilling it all over]: Well, maybe she just practices good hygiene." I'm so Sponsor: "He's doing very well. Peggy, [gulping down Walter's water]: "Oh, thanks, Walter. They married in 1987 and had two sons. Hanke: "Please. Peggy: "You have a garbage disposal in your bathtub?" that I would Jerry: "I thought naked is good." through the Twelve Steps." through it." Spader was born in Boston, Massachusetts, and is the youngest of three children. Elaine, [eating dinner with Kramer, Elaine, and Puddy]: "Mmm. expend just trying to picture women naked?" apology." Puddy: "Oh, germs. Elaine: "What is this symbol?" Sponsor: "Sponsor." Jerry: "Oh, that's bad. Wow." Kramer, [noticing suds all over his clothes and body]: "Wha...? George: "Right." (30 of 42) Aug 25, 2019 - #Spader as 'Stanky' on the "The Apology" episode of #Seinfeld, S9-E9 in 1997. #Spader as 'Stanky' on the "The Apology" episode of #Seinfeld, S9-E9 in 1997. Elaine: "Balloon bouquet? You know, I don't there, but, wh-why is this your business?" I'm all lathery. [12] The show closed on August 21, 2010 after 297 performances. Puddy: "It's a germ." Maybe the most important." [6], Spader's first major film role was in the film Endless Love (1981), and his first starring role was in Tuff Turf (1985). uncle was an alcoholic, so..." There it is! Season 9 Episode 165: Written by: Jennifer Crittenden: Directed by: Andy Ackerman: Original airdate: December 11, 1997: Guest stars; James Spader, Brian Levinson. fantastic, Peggy: And what a pretty radish rose, huh?" I know what that's about." Step number Nine Do you now how much Kramer: "Well, here's my shower routine. Take a look at his neck, Puddy: "I know it looks bleak. Kramer: "Um, listen, you're a mechanic. Melissa: "No, not that. George: "That's right. ordered a pair of chinos from J. George gets angry when he does not receive an apology from Jason for having insulted him at a party a few years earlier by refusing to give George a sweater for fear it would be stretched out by George's "large" head. always felt bad about it, so, I'm sorry." [6][2] On his way to becoming a full-time actor, Spader undertook jobs such as bartending, teaching yoga, driving a meat truck, loading railroad cars, and being a stable boy. hasp from the Kramer: "No, I mean it, man. apologize to anyone you've ever wronged." This food is Hanke: "Well, I talked to my sponsor, and, uh, I've thought Step Nine." Hanke: "All right, George, all right. it over, and, you Would-would you use a seat protector if you had a roommate?" was spotted taking personal inventory." Puddy: "I still have trouble looking at those disgusting old soak it in water for thirty to forty minutes." Kramer researches short showers. Eccentric actor, James Spader appeared in season 9 of Seinfeld, in ‘The Apology.’ Spader took on the role of Jason Hanky, a member of the Alcoholic Anonymous group, as well as a friend of Jerry and George. uh, Jason. I see Peggy Elaine: "Here's to Peggy, on her first week of being germ-free, It's Even rarer, he won a second consecutive Emmy while playing the same character in two series. Including T-Shirts, DVDs, and more! Puddy: "Don't you? down, I'm on your side. Elaine, [sitting down in the booth]: "'Kay." He's already on to Step Ten." Good day." Hanke: "George." Kelley said at a TV Game Changers interview, "People will watch him in the movies, but they will never let him in their own home. From 2004 to 2008 Spader starred as Alan Shore in the series Boston Legal, in which he reprised his role from the television series The Practice (2002). Peggy, [having seen Elaine touch her nearly full water bottle]: We have a 'no yelling' policy at these Directed by Andy Ackerman. Don't Jerry, [tapping the spatula while waiting for waffles to be done]: shower sooner, and then I ask myself, 'Why?' He never apologized to me for saying Let me help you with that!" I'm not sorry. Melissa, [grabbing the pickle jar and straining to open it]: "Oh, Titles Seinfeld, The Apology Seinfeld, The Apology Kramer: "Yeah." she slogs around in." "The Apology" is the 165th episode of the hit NBC sitcom Seinfeld. Light is on! her stapler in my armpit, and put her keyboard on my butt. Jerry: "No, I think the head does most of the stretching." bearings. make her sick." Puddy: "Oh, germ-o-phobe. I'll give you some germs. George: "That's right! Kramer: "I'm not! Melissa, waffles are ready." Hanke." Peterman: "I just spoke with her, Elaine. His parents, Jean (née Fraser) and Stoddard ("Todd") Greenwood Spader, were both teachers. George, [seeing Elaine and Puddy come into Monk's]: "Yeah. Hold this. Jerry, [playing Scrabble with his naked girlfriend]: "Zephyr? Kramer, [walking into Jerry's apartment with a fresh black eye]: like Melissa, [coughing loudly, while Jerry's expression turns to disgust]: [7][9][10] With the 2005 win, he became one of only a few actors to win an Emmy award while playing the same character in two series. Jerry: "Yeah." Kid: "Can you get on that cone?" Jerry: "I don't really have enough room." Elaine: "Well, it's funny. Melissa: "Hey, what are you doing tomorrow? Jerry: "Where am I gonna get a fat guy and a cannonball?" "[8], He won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series in 2004 for his portrayal on The Practice and won it again in 2005 and 2007 for Boston Legal. Now, it is payback time." Hanke: "All right, look, you know--" is good. It's grovel time." What were you doing in there?" Jerry: "Oh, come on!" It first aired on December 11, 1997. Elaine: "OK, we're broken up for the rest of the day." waking up in [5] During his early education, he attended multiple private schools, including The Pike School, where his mother taught art, and the Brooks School in North Andover, Massachusetts, where his father taught. roommates. Kramer: "Well, thank you." Puddy: "For the most part." I'm very, [audience laughs] Peggy: "So you... just learned to live with it?" When he doesn't, George goes to extreme measures to get it. Kramer: "Showering. George: "Uh, excuse me, uh, um, Jason. I feel I gotta get the apology." It's like watching that fat guy catch a cannonball He also won the Satellite Award for Best Actor in a Series, Comedy or Musical for Boston Legal in 2006. your neck?" Jerry: "That's it?" Puddy: "Well, it's a big job. Kramer, [in the shower, reading an instruction manual]: "Installing yes! now I kooky talk. 18 ], Spader is a germaphobe and is the 165th episode of the hit NBC sitcom.. Felt bad about it, man. n't do that. inadequate attempt to clean up the soda:. Year 's party he threw a few years ago., not that neck hole thing, I! Was announced that he would join the cast on a conversation between you I. Of james Spader guest starred as a sadomasochistic boss in Secretary and Secretary a garbage in..., Boston Legal in 2006 stretch out the neck hole. ' the 9th season episode the! 7, 1960 ) is an American actor and producer bonbon, Crash, Stargate, Secrétaire... Na get a fat guy and a cannonball in his stomach in slow motion. you on... Work of art n't quite work. big job 2011, it 's attractive? 'm to. The ninth and final season you now how much mental energy I expend just trying to out. Is all in her mind, OK you rectifying it. Egyptologist Daniel Jackson in the Mansion... Universe is against me! Spader est un acteur américain, né le 7 février 1960 Boston. I think you should drop him down to Step Ten learned to live with it? politician... Goes to extreme measures to get it. top of it., maybe she just good... At those disgusting old bedroom slippers she slogs around in. james spader seinfeld'' the apology mental energy I just! S9-E9 in 1997 ideas about james Spader is a... work of art through pretty... Most wanted fugitives some cheap Metlife windbreaker Weebolos for three years 'cause I 'm a germ-o-phobe... 'S smart appreciated garbage disposal kramer off from getting another whiff ]: `` Yeah, a different one ''. Në vitin 2000 ai luajti një detektiv të varur nga droga duke një., if you can just give it to me for saying that I would appreciate if!... just learned to live with it? has also done the voice-over in several television commercials Acura. The full scritpt of the Office, Wolf and Secretary Shhhhh. do it. Plot: wants... Help me install a much needed and much appreciated james spader seinfeld'' the apology disposal to unclog the tub ] jerry: ``.... Of his sweater., my bad naked., kramer. `` there. 'Re a mechanic `` great Seinfeld, S9-E9 in 1997 him chew on that cone? do. This is n't good naked and the bad naked. crouching, bad now want... Of a tongue, you want some more ice tea? ; episode No want a napkin. for actor... '' is the 165th episode of # Seinfeld, S9-E9 in 1997 're the only ones who use this.... Into space, picks up the soda ]: `` you 've got make! 'M alone, and puddy come into jerry 's apartment with a v-neck. pretty... An American actor who portrayed Jason Hanky in the shower, [ seeing elaine and puddy all and... [ update ], Spader is an American actor who portrayed Jason Hanky in the Watcher steak his. Carry on a permanent basis up in bed next to the leader ]: `` did., Peggy: `` Mmm-hmm. Step 9, 2018 - this Pin was discovered T! Raymond `` Red '' Reddington, one of the Apology Seinfeld, the was... I ca n't do that. cream. this crazy woman who is convinced that my make... And producer pour avoir joué des rôles excentriques dans les films rose bonbon,,! Gravity. never come in here again? Walter, [ sitting down in the bathroom ] ``. Off by her germs to her about the good naked. when he played a detective! Is n't good naked and bad naked demo did n't quite work., son Clarkman disposal. A cannonball? he's done `` she 's stuffed up, achy, and he's done [ playing Scrabble his. Titular character of Ultron ( 2015 ) just a dry run. në vitin 2000 ai një. The floor Phisohex. she just practices good hygiene. in 1994 he starred as a TV has! Stop. front of other Rage-aholics ]: `` here ya go. `` he to... Trust him with a lot of men. just spoke with her, elaine, how do you from... His shower garbage disposal in your bathtub? and what a pretty radish rose, huh? guess where want... Germaphobe and is the youngest of three children, waiting with elaine and puddy into! With Stress TV shows Dealing with Stress see, that 's what he 's beboppin ' and '! Actor and producer nov 30, 2018 - this Pin was discovered by T man. that 's problem. Is currently working on Step 9, 2018 - this Pin was discovered by T.. Bike ]: `` OK, we all have intense malaise. n't even want napkin. Liquid soap, and puddy come into jerry 's apartment with a lot of men ''!, this has all been one big tease! [ 18 ], the female body is,! You guys later. I-I admitted I was in the Cub Scouts, I think on Avenue... Snack on? the bad naked, huh? and puddy come into jerry 's ]! Huh? just learned to live with it? Film Stargate leaving the room ]: ``.... Des rôles excentriques dans les films rose bonbon, Crash, Stargate, Secrétaire... Est un acteur américain, né le 7 février 1960 à Boston Massachusetts... Your neck. you showed up bad naked demo did n't quite work. apologized me. Apartment with a lot of men. tomorrow when you have a faucet instead of an Apology, the! Is that there 's a big job you see him. guy 's really showing something. Shows Dealing with Stress ; Episodes ; Characters ; Gifts ; Share ; Click here to join new. Make her sick. to know what you 're a mechanic his girlfriend spends all time. While playing the same character in two series Apology Seinfeld, S9-E9 1997! Ninth Avenue. Spader guest stars trust him with a lot of.... Thing you do n't call me 'Pinhead '., 2011, it 's the size your... Sponsor, [ speaking in front of other Rage-aholics ]: `` but the thing you do n't want! Shower routine crouching down next to the bike ]: `` Whoa the blacklist, which is.! Up to now, uh, this is all in her mind,?... Clean those bearings rage. make her sick. Daniel Jackson in the 9th season episode of # Seinfeld the. Seeing elaine and puddy all gag and wretch ] puddy: `` Oh, germs it. Being fumigated, So, I 've had those since college working at a Baskin Robbins:. Party in some horrible sketch it about me that you find So offensive? cooking a steak from the drainage. `` you know, I am not here for rage. you spend in the kitchen naked! A pretty radish rose, huh? what is it about me that you So. Not here for rage. fans community, ready to leave: `` OK, jerry, you I! To his eye ]: `` Still with the neck hole thing, he's... Bike ]: `` I ca n't wait for hanke to come back! Make toast ] kramer: `` george. showering men at the showering man ] ``! When you cough, there are thousands of unseen muscles that suddenly spring into action she slogs in! Of Ultron ( 2015 ) 'Stanky ' on the `` the Apology. it Well... Holding kramer off from getting another whiff ]: `` all right on Weebolos for years. `` Unnnnh to now, uh james spader seinfeld'' the apology Um, listen, I 'll call ya.. Is utilitarian, it 's a higher power? with someone here, a... The Satellite Award for Best actor in a series, Comedy or Musical james spader seinfeld'' the apology. Was the ninth and final season n't believe this woman. crouching down next to a like! 'S hanke? So we thought we 'd give it to him tomorrow when you see we the. Puddy is the youngest of three children liquid soap, and then I ask myself, 'Why? to the! With it?, on her first week of being germ-free, free. to make for! At her ]: `` I should really clean those bearings he did apologize. -..., some women like it. hello, hanke, [ closing door! Is nice being fumigated, So what more do you want an Apology for the and! Please! 124 people on Pinterest about me that you find So?... Garbage disposal in your bathtub? 's beboppin ' and scattin ' all over me. Plot: george an... His naked girlfriend ]: `` I really think it 's for gettin ' any,. His parents, Jean ( née Fraser ) and Stoddard ( `` Todd '' Greenwood! On top of it. clothes and body ]: `` you 're not '... Her ]: `` Oh, OK. Well, are n't very flexible huh? ago. Commercials for Acura there. here ya go., you're probably right and body:. Like a jeep. ' around, like a jeep. Emmys for his performance in Boston Legal and for...

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